Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners - 2/14/2018

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Board of Commissioners Special Meeting
Wednesday, February 14, 2018 5:30 PM
1. Call to Order (Pledge, Roll Call)
2. First Public Comment

Any person shall be permitted to address a meeting of the Board of Commissioners which is required to be open to the public under the provision of the Michigan Open Meetings Act. Public Comment shall be carried out in accordance with the following Board Rules and Procedures:

Any person wishing to address the Board shall state his or her name and address.

No person shall be allowed to speak more than once on the same matter, excluding time needed to answer Commissioners' questions, if any. The Chairperson shall control the amount of time each person shall be allowed to speak, which shall not exceed three (3) minutes. The Chairperson may, at his or her discretion, extend the amount of time any person is allowed to speak.

Public comment will be solicited during the two public comment periods noted in Rule 5.4, Order of Business. However, public comment will generally be received at any time during the meeting regarding a specific topic currently under discussion by the board. Members of the public wishing to comment should raise their hand or pass a note to the clerk in order to be recognized, and shall not address the board until called upon by the chairperson. Please be respectful and refrain from personal or political attacks.

3. Facilities and Resource Recovery Manager Positions
4. Community Development Agreement
5. Finance Outlook
6. Second Public Comment
7. Closed Session: Grand Traverse County v Halloway
8. Adjournment