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What are the challenges resource professionals face today? Why would four of five brothers strive to build careers in preserving natural resources? In this video from Nature Change (, we meet three resource professionals who happen to be brothers. Ty Ratliff works for the Little Traverse Conservancy as Director of Donor Relations. Reb Ratliff is Parkland Steward for the Grand Traverse Conservation District. And Fields Ratliff is Habitat Management Specialist with the Northwest Michigan Invasive Species Network. All three brothers are working to preserve, protect and restore natural ecosystems in Northwest Lower Michigan. Anne-Marie Oomen Writer, teacher and poet, Anne-Marie Oomen guides the discussion with the Ratliff brothers, calling this video interview "a family affair." In this lively discussion, she prods the brothers into talking about their professional motivations and the challenges of their jobs. Oomen asks the brothers who are also fathers, "What do you say to your children about the natural resources?"

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Produced by VanderMeulen, J.
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