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Parks and Recreation Commission Organizational and Regular Meeting
Thursday, January 14, 2021 5:30 PM
1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Roll Call
4. Election of Officers (Director; Action Item)
a. Election of President
  1. Nominations
  2. Election of President
b. Election of Vice President
  1. Nominations
  2. Election of Vice President
c. Election of Vice Secretary
  1. Nominations
  2. Election of Secretary
5. 2021 Parks and Recreation Committee Appointments (President; Action Item)
a. Business Development Team
b. Business Development Team Chair
c. Business Development Vice Chair
d. Natural Education Reserve Advisory Committee Representative
e. Traverse Bay Area Youth Soccer (TBAYS) Board Representative
f. Strategic Planning Subcommittee
g. Strategic Planning Subcommittee Chair
h. Strategic Planning Subcommittee Vice Chair
i. Rules Committee
j. Rules Committee Chair
k. Rules Committee Vice Chair
l. New Senior Center Building Ad Hoc Committee
  1. Commission on Aging Representative 
  2. County Board of Commissioners Representative
6. 2021 Parks and Recreation Commission, Business Development Team and Strategic Planning Ad Hoc Committee Meeting Schedule (Action Item)
7. First Public Comment
8. Approval of/Additions to Agenda
9. Special Orders of Business/Presentations
a. Use of Howe Arena as Community COVID-19 Vaccination Site
b. Parks and Recreation Employee Introductions
10. Consent Calendar
a. Parks and Recreation-Senior Center Department Report
b. Approved Minutes from November 10, 2020 Meeting of the Parks and Recreation Business Development Team
c. Reference: State of Michigan County and Regional Parks Act 261 of 1965
d. Reference: Rules and Regulations with Respect to the Grand Traverse County Parks and Recreation Commission
e. Reference: Grand Traverse County Parks and Recreation Commission Rules, Amended September 14, 2017, June 13, 2019, July 9, 2020
f. 2020 Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting Motions
g. Grand Traverse County Road Commission E-mail about Cass/Keystone Crossings with Supporting Documents
h. Executed Agreements between Parks and Recreation and The River Outfitters, Traverse City Tritons Rowing, and Parallel 45 Theatre
i. E-mail from Norte with Update Regarding Bicycle Education Center at Civic Center Park and Environmental Assessment Results of Future Location of Center
j. 2020 Statistics for Central Y at Civic Center Park from Grand Traverse Bay YMCA
k. Approvals: Draft Minutes December 10, 2020 Regular Meeting of Parks and Recreation Commission
11. Items Removed from Consent Calendar
12. Reports
a. Parks and Recreation-Senior Center Department Report (Verbal Report, as Necessary)
b. Committee and Representative Reports (Verbal Reports, as Available)
13. Old Business
a. Updated Strategic Plan for 2021 (Action Item)
14. New Business
a. Disclosure: Programming by Crystal Bindi Studios at Twin Lakes Park (Action Item)
15. Second Public Comment
16. Notice and Commission Comments
17. Adjournment