The Grand Traverse Band in the U.S. Court of Claims

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Online streaming for this show ended on Friday, September 10, 2021

John Petoskey, General Counsel for the Grand Traverse Band of Indians, explains the historical background of the 1836 Treaty and the 1855 Treaty between the GT Band and the U.S. government. Land reserved for the Indians in trust under the 1855 Treaty was taken by non-natives with no resistance by the US. Government as Trustee, and then the takings were subsequently legitimized by the U. S. Congress. The Tribe seeks compensation for the lands through Congress and the U.S. Court of Claims. John Petoskey describes the process, and the reasons for it. No current land titles would be affected by the Tribe's claim.

Produced by Weaver, K.

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This was great and very insightful! One critique is that in the description it says, the Grand Traverse Band of Indianans, Indians is spelled incorrectly.
Monday, August 23, 2021