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Four local writers take their words into a tunnel and are heard... again... and again.

Produced by Morris, S.

Other Comments About This Show

There are five voices here, not counting the child and the dad. Five poets. Steve's serving as the shoulders on which the others stand says something about his humanity, and suggests something to all of us. I think that when we arrive at the Pearly Gates, we'll get just one question: "Who'd ya bring?" These four poets of OURS that Steve features are treasures to US. And I'm grateful to UpNorthMedia for giving Steve some shoulders to stand on so that more of TC will discover what a treasure HE is.
Saturday, December 24, 2016
Joe-- I think it kinda worked. From Sharon Stone: Steve, I still don't have internet at home but I viewed this link and must say that I loved it! There is so much in it that I had to watch it several times: the ghostly overlays, Brandalyn and her umbrella...what a mood-setter, the banter of echoes throughout and the way it opens with folks approaching one after the other and how Robb appears from behind them. Excellent work. The way you weave in the voices and music and written text.... You have done all of us poets a great service by producing this, original and thoughtful piece. I will watch it many more times and am sure I'll catch things I missed in previous viewings--it is rich. It makes me feel good about myself and about being involved in such a cool community. Enjoy your holiday and know that I'll be spreading the word and link info. to others for their enjoyment. :) Sharon
Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Excellent! Highest quality....Bravo Steve and the four poets. Highlights one of our streetscapes in THE most creative way. Looking forward to sharing this beautiful film with everyone here and afar.
Saturday, December 17, 2016