Charter Township of Garfield Township Board of Trustees - 8/13/2019

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Township Board of Trustees Regular Meeting
Tuesday, August 13, 2019 6:00 PM

Call meeting to order

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll call of Board Members

a. Minutes - July 23, 2019 Regular Meeting (Recommend Approval)
b. Bills -

(i)General Fund$ 50,005.60

(Recommend Approval)


Developer's Escrow Fund - Storm Water Reviews$ 3,640.00

Developer's Escrow Fund - Utility Plan Review,

Oversight & Closeout 9,884.80

Utility Receiving Fund 2,201.70


(Recommend Approval)

(c)Schedule Public Hearing on GT Metro Budget for the August 27, 2019 Township Board Regular Meeting

(Recommend Approval)

a. Letter from Glen K Lile, Chairman Michigan Township Participating Plan, regarding Grant Application
7. Reports
8. Unfinished Business

Resolution No. 2019-16-T, a resolution adopting Amendment 19 - Section 712 Automobile Laundries;

Resolution No. 2019-17-T, a resolution adopting Amendment 20 - Section 749 Golf Courses and Country Clubs; and

Resolution No. 2019-18-T, a resolution adopting Amendment 21 - Section 315 R-3 Multiple Family Residential

9. New Business