East Bay Charter Township Township Board of Trustees - 12/9/2019

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Township Board of Trustees Regular meeting
Monday, December 9, 2019 6:00 PM
8. Reports: Written reports submitted
a. Board Minutes: 11/13/2019 (Recommend Approval)
b. General Fund (Recommend Approval)
c. Emergency Services Fund (Recommend Approval)
d. Receiving Fund (Recommend Approval)
e. Escrow Fund (Recommend Approval)
f. Payroll Fund/Payroll EFT Funds(Recommend Approval)
g. Budget Adjustments (Recommend Approval)

Budget amendments - 2019-14, 2019-15, 2019-16, 2019-17 (added at Board meeting)

h. Other Items:

i) Resolution 2109-32 Alternate Dates for March Board of Review

ii) Agreements:

    a. Agreement for Remittance of Property Taxes

    b. TBAISD & EBCT Agreement for collection of Summer School Property Taxes

     c. Authorize payment of stipend for cell phone $64

i) Part-time Employment

i) Resolution 2019-33 Support for Health Dept of NW Michigan Grant Application

ii) Discussion re: 3411 E. Hammond Road

i) Draft Zoning Ordinance Amendments related to Bed & Breakfast establishments

ii) Intern Position