Charter Township of Garfield Township Board of Trustees - 12/8/2020

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Township Board of Trustees Regular meeting
Tuesday, December 8, 2020 6:00 PM

Call meeting to order

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll call of Board Members

a. Minutes - November 10, 2020 Regular Board Meeting

November 18, 2020 Special Board Meeting

December 1, 2020 Special Board Meeting

(Recommend Approval)

b. Bills -

(i)General Fund$475,027.30

(Recommend Approval)

(ii) Gourdie-Fraser

Developer's Escrow Fund - Storm Water Reviews and

Utility Plan Review, Oversight & Closeout$ 22,095.00

Utility Receiving Fund 15,362.74

Total$ 37,457.74

(Recommend Approval)

c. MTT Update (Receive and File)
d. Resolution 2020-28-T - a resolution for Adoption of Poverty/Hardship Exemption Policy (Recommend Approval)
e. Close-out and Turnover documents for Randolph Street Sewer Extension

(Recommend Approval)

f. Close-out and Turnover documents for Chelsea Park West

(Recommend Approval

g. Request for hazard pay for election workers using CARES Act grant money (Recommend Approval)
h. Resolution 2020-41-T - a resolution to Amend the Budget (Recommend Approval)
i. Resolution 2020-42-T - a resolution to Amend the Budget (Recommend Approval)
j. Resolution 2020-43-T - a resolution to Amend the Budget (Recommend Approval)
k. Consideration of consent to add Mobile Medical Response, Inc. (MMR) to our existing agreement with North Flight (Recommend Approval)
a. Grand Traverse Conservation District November 2020 Report
b. Public Comments on Oakleaf Village:

Letter from Haggard's Plumbing and Heating dated November 23, 2020

Email from John Huschke dated December 1, 2020

7. Reports
8. Unfinished Business
9. New Business

Introduction and schedule for public hearing for January 12, 2021

maintenance, and administrative responsibilities for the drinking water system at

Meadow Lane Mobile Home community

d. Consideration of Resolution 2020-31-T 2021 Fire Fund Budget
e. Consideration of Resolution 2020-32-T 2021 Public Improvement Road Fund Budget
f. Consideration of Resolution 2020-33-T 2021 Budget Stabilization Fund Budget
g. Consideration of Resolution 2020-34-T 2021 DPW Fund Budget
h. Consideration of Resolution 2020-35-T 2021 Park System Fund Budget
i. Consideration of Resolution 2020-36-T 2021 Street Light Fund Budget
j. Consideration of Resolution 2020-37-T 2021 Special Assessment District Fund Budget
k. Consideration of Resolution 2020-38-T Clerk's Salary
l. Consideration of Resolution 2020-39-T Supervisor's Salary
m. Consideration of Resolution 2020-40-T Treasurer's Salary
n. Consideration of Resolution 2020-29-T Annual Exemption Option as Set Forth

in 2011 Public Act 152, The Publicly Funded Health Insurance Contribution Act

11. Other Business