Grand Traverse County Parks and Recreation Commission - 8/12/2021

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Parks and Recreation Commission Regular meeting
Thursday, August 12, 2021 5:30 PM
1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Roll Call
4. First Public Comment
5. Approval of/Additions to Agenda
6. Special Orders of Business/Presentations
7. Consent Calendar
a. Parks and Recreation and the Senior Center Network Department Report
b. Parks and Recreation-Senior Center Network Financial Report
c. Parks and Recreation Department Staff's June-July 2021 Reservation Report
d. Approved Minutes of the July 22, 2021 Business Development Team meeting
e. Grand Traverse Conservation District's June 2021 Report
f. August 1, 2021 Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy's Volunteer Report: Maple Bay Park and Natural Area
g. Fully Executed 2021 Agreement for Farmland Management at Maple Bay Park and Natural Area
h. July 20, 2021 E-mail Regarding Mowers at Civic Center Park
i. Civic Center South's 2020 Annual Report
j. Central YMCA Membership Statistics from 2016 through Present
k. Grand Traverse Conservation District's Record-Eagle Article about Farm Field Day at the Meyer Property
l. Approval of Draft Minutes from July 1, 2021 Meeting of the Park and Recreation Commission
8. Items Removed from Consent Calendar
9. Reports
a. Parks and Recreation-Senior Center Department Report (Verbal Report)
b. Committee and Representative Reports (Verbal Reports, as Necessary)
10. Old Business
a. Request to Revisit Motion Passed to Remove Fence Along Front Street at Civic Center Park (Potential Action Item)
b. 2022 Budget: Mowing and Cleaning at County Parks (Potential Action Item)
11. New Business
a. Vendor Selection for Safety Nets at Civic Center Park (Action Item)
b. Permitting Transient Vendors to Conduct Business in Parks
12. Second Public Comment
13. Notices and Commissioner Comments
14. Adjournment