Charter Township of Garfield Township Board of Trustees - 9/14/2021

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Township Board of Trustees Regular meeting
Tuesday, September 14, 2021 6:00 PM

Call meeting to order

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll call of Board Members

a. Minutes - August 24, 2021 (Recommend Approval)
b. Bills -

General Fund$342,219.61

(Recommend Approval)

c. Request for approval of Jamie Douglass as a designee to assist the Treasurer's Office in taking tax or other forms of payments (Recommend Approval)
d. Schedule Public Hearing for September 28, 2021 to consider a Request for Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) for the Flats at Carriage Commons

(Recommend Approval)

7. Reports
8. Unfinished Business

Consideration of Amendment 1 to Ordinance No. 74, an Ordinance to Prohibit Marihuana Establishments Within the Township, Resolution 2021-26-T

Consideration of Ordinance 76, An Ordinance to License Marijuana Safety Compliance Facilities, Resolution 2021-27-T

9. New Business