Grand Traverse County Parks and Recreation Commission - 1/13/2022

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Parks and Recreation Commission Regular meeting
Thursday, January 13, 2022 5:30 PM
1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Roll Call
4. Election of Officers
a. Election of President (Nominations)
b. Election of President (Roll Call Vote)
c. Election of Vice President (Nominations)
d. Election of Vice President (Roll Call Vote)
e. Election of Secretary (Nominations)
f. Election of Secretary (Roll Call Vote)
5. 2022 Parks and Recreation Committee Appointments (President; Action Item)
a. Business Development Team
b. Business Development Team Chair
c. Business Development Team Vice Chair
d. Natural Education Reserve Advisory Committee Representative
e. Traverse Bay Area Youth Soccer (TBAYS) Board Representative
f. Strategic Planning Subcommittee
g. Strategic Planning Subcommittee Chair
h. Strategic Planning Subcommittee Vice Chair
i. Rules Committee
j. Rules Committee Chair
k. Rules Committee Vice Chair
6. 2022 Parks and Recreation Commission, Business Development Team, and Strategic Planning Ad Hoc Committee Meeting Schedule (Action Item)
a. Proposed PRC and BDT and Subcommittee Schedules
7. First Public Comment
8. Approval of/Additions to Agenda
9. Special Orders of Business/Presentations
a. Benefactor Group Introduction and Update
10. Consent Calendar
a. Parks and Recreation Department Report
b. Parks and Recreation Budget Report
c. Central YMCA Report
d. Minutes of the December 7, 2021 Parks and Recreation Business Development Team Meeting
e. Reference: State of Michigan County and Regional Parks Act 261 of 1965
f. Reference: Rules and Regulations with Respect to the Grand Traverse County Parks and Recreation Commission [Board Operating Rules]
g. Reference: Grand Traverse County Parks and Recreation Commission Rules
h. Parks and Recreation Commission 2021 Motions and Roll Calls
i. Partner Evaluations Continued
j. Approval of Draft Minutes of the December 16, 2021, Regular Meeting of Parks and Recreation Commission
11. Items Removed from Consent Calendar
12. Reports
a. Parks and Recreation Department Report (Verbal Report, ad Necessary)
b. Committee and Representative Reports (Verbal Report, ad Necessary)
13. Old Business
a. Civic Center South Request for Support (Action Item)
b. Civic Center Parking (Discussion)
c. Great Lakes Incubator Farm Footbridge at the Natural Education Reserve (NER)
14. New Business
a. Twin Lakes Park Update (Discussion)
15. Second Public Comment
16. Notices and Commissioner Comments
17. Adjournment