Charter Township of Garfield Township Board of Trustees - 5/14/2024

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Township Board of Trustees Regular Meeting
Tuesday, May 14, 2024 6:00 PM

Call meeting to order

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll call of Board Members

a. Minutes - April 23, 2024 regular meeting

(Recommend Approval)

b. Bills -

General Fund$37,281.88

(Recommend Approval)

c. Consideration of Contractor's Application for Payment No. 1 to Molon Excavating, Inc. for Silver Lake Rd. Sanitary Sewer Extension

(Recommend Approval)

d. Investment Policy Annual Review (Recommend Approval)
e. Consideration of Resolution 2024-11-T, adopting Township Supervisor's Salary and Establishing the Position as Part Time (Recommend Approval)
f. Consideration of Fifth Amendment to the City of Traverse City and Charter Township of Garfield Recreational Authority Bylaws (Recommend Approval)
g. Consideration of nominating Michael Groleau to serve another 3-year term on the Joint Recreational Authority Commission (Recommend Approval)
h. Consideration of Joint Recreational Authority Proposed Annual Budget for Fiscal Year 2024/2025 (Recommend Approval)
i. Consideration of Resolution 2024-12-T, recommending approval of a new

Off-Premises Tasting Room License for Trout Possom Brewing LLC (Recommend Approval)

j. Consideration of Resolution 2024-13-T, Financial Institutions which the Treasurer will do business with in 2024 - Amended (Recommend Approval)
k. Consideration of Resolution 2024-15-T, recommending approval of Class C license for High Tops TC at new site (Recommend Approval)
l. Consideration of Resolution 2024-16-T, recommending approval of a Micro Brewer License and On-Premises Tasting Room Permit for Trout Possom Brewing LLC (Recommend Approval)
a. Traverse Connect Regional Economic Ecosystem Report for Spring 2024
b. Correspondence from Dan Duell dated May 10, 2024
7. Reports
8. Unfinished Business
9. New Business