East Bay Charter Township Township Board of Trustees - 2/12/2018

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Township Board of Trustees Regular Meeting
Monday, February 12, 2018 6:30 PM
8. Reports
a. Passport Update
9. Consent Calendar
a. Board Minutes: 1/4/18 & 1/8/18 (Recommend Approval)
b. General Fund (Recommend Approval)
c. Emergency Services Fund (Recommend Approval)
d. Receiving Fund (Recommend Approval)
e. Escrow Fund (Recommend Approval)
f. Payroll Fund/Payroll EFT Funds(Recommend Approval)
g. Budget Adjustments (Recommend Approval)
h. Other Items

Resolution 2018-01 Re: March Board of Review Dates

2018 Water and Sewer Rates

Employment Manual - update 6.7

Surplus Office Items

10. Business before the Board of Trustees
a. Appointments:

Northern Nexus

Grand Traverse Metro Emergency Services Authority

Planning Commission

Board of Review

b. Social Host Responsibility Resolution
c. AMO, Inc. (removed)

Payment Plan of Benefit Fees

Water and Sewer Infrastructure

d. Planning & Zoning

Annual Report

Accessory Dwelling Unit

Short-Term Rentals, specifically: Septic and Holding Tank and Minimum Stay

e. Update on Special Assessment Districts 2017-7 and 2017-8
11. Public Comment
12. Adjournment