East Bay Charter Township Township Board of Trustees - 10/8/2018

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Township Board of Trustees Regular Meeting
Monday, October 8, 2018 6:30 PM
a. Holiday Woodlands Preserve 501 (c) (3)
a. Grand Traverse County Road Commission Report to Grand Traverse County
b. Treasurer's September 2018 Report - Receive & File
a. Board Minutes - 9/10/2018, 9/27/2018 (Recommend Approval)
b. General Fund (Recommend Approval)
c. Emergency Services Fund (Recommend Approval)
d. Receiving Fund (Recommend Approval)
e. Escrow Fund (Recommend Approval)
f. Payroll Fund/Payroll EFT Funds(Recommend Approval)
g. Budget Adjustments (Recommend Approval)

BA 2018-12 through 2018-18

h. Other Items (Recommend Approval)

i) Contract Approval of Landscape Screening at English Woods and Hammond Road Water Towers

ii) Declaration of Surplus Items: Previous audio equipment parts.

iii) Resolution 2018-16 Designation of Banks and Depositories

i) Accounting: Stevens, Kirinovic, & Tucker, PC

ii) Engineering: Wade Trim, Inc.

iii) Legal: Beth Friend

iv) Elections: Susanne Courtade

v) Tax Collections: Tracey Bartlett

vi) Planning & Zoning: Zoning:  Amendment 8-19 Enforcement Duties and Zoning Amendment 9-19 Section 231, Forest Lakes Overlay District

a) Grand Traverse County: Carol Crawford

b) Grand Traverse County Road Commission: Wayne Schoonover

a) Community Police Officers (CPO's)

b) Grand Traverse Metro Emergency Services Authority: 2019 Budget, Station 9, Articles of Incorporation & Lease Discussion.

c) East Bay EMS-9A: Service Delivery